Brain Games

Mondays and Thursdays

For some dogs hours of walking, running or swimming is still not enough to tire them out. There is always enough energy for them to get into mischief. it's time to enter the world of Brain Games. Mentally challenging games that require them to focus & think is a great way to use their full potential. Brain games will also boost the confidence of the quieter dog as he conquers new experiences.


Group classes or one-on-one available every Monday & Thursday.

Puppy Socialisation Classes

Monday and Thursday 8.00am- 14.00pm Tuesday,Wednesday and Friday 7.30am - 17.00pm
Early socialisation during the age window of 3-17 week period is important because socialised dogs have better coping skills. A broad range of positive experiences will help your puppy grow up to be a well-rounded, stable dog. Lack of socialisation can lead to a dog that is afraid of people, new experiences and new places. Please book your puppy in now.

Confidence Course

Mondays and Thursdays 8.00-13.00
Does your dog lack confidence? Does your dog show any of these signs? # shyness # fearfulness # nervous. Would you like to have a fun loving and happy dog that you could take anywhere? Have you thought of confidence building for your dog? Confidence can be a tough thing to build up. With positive education and patience your dog can gain confidence with our one on one class. Our staff we will show you how to help your dog to overcome their lack of trust, confidence etc though introducing them to games, objects, noise and distractions. This is achieved with toys , food and heaps of encouragement. Book now.

Basic Grooming Class

Do you have a new puppy or dog that you have problems Grooming? With our basic grooming class we will help you to: # Set up the best grooming area for your dog # Brush your puppy/dog in a happy manner # Hold your puppy/dog for grooming # Choose the correct grooming equipment for your dog's coat # Use your grooming tools correctly # Learn about the type of coat your dog has # Identify some of the common skin problems # Identify some of the common eye problems # Identify some of the common ear problems # Clean ears # Clean eyes # Where to look for ticks on your puppy and dog.

Puppy Water Confidence Classes

Help your puppy to enjoy water and be safe around water. Don't let your puppy drown in the pool or dam, as not all dogs can swim. What will you learn? # All aspects of water safety # Introduction to wadding pond # Introduction to bath time ( hydrobath) # Introduction to swimming and the basic of swimming lessons

Puppy Play Day

Puppy Play Day is a 1 hour class that allows you to attend with your puppy . We encourage you to learn how to watch for safe play and body language. Puppies are allowed to play and interact with other puppies without a lead. Older mother dog will be in with the puppies to teach them correct play. Watching a older dog manage the puppies is very interesting to watch and us as humans can learn a lot from watching. We will encourage you to ask questions if you wish. Book now