My Dog Has Hip Dysplasia



By Kirsten Hausler
Suitable for pet owners who want to know about hip dysplasia in dogs, this guide helps you understand how your vet wants to treat your dog, and what kind of precautions you have to be aware of.
Table of Contents
1. Hip dysplasia (HD): tips, pain reduction & treatment 2. The anatomy of HD 3. How can I prevent HD in my puppy? 4. The results indicate mild to moderate HD: what now? 5. Kira’s story 6. Worsening symptoms of HD 7. What treatments are available? 8. When the vet advises surgery 9. What is the role of a canine physiotherapist? 10. Care and activity during the rest period 11. What can the physiotherapist do to help? 12. After the stitches have been removed 13. Exercise to rebuild muscle Appendices: Useful accessories Further reading Index


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