Stretch Your Dog Healthy



Stretch Your Dog Healthy Raquel-Wynn/9780452289901
A Hands-on Approach to Natural Canine Care
By Raquel Wynn

A holistic trainer and physical therapist tells dog lovers how to keep their pets healthy for a long and happy life. Dogs’ lives are high impact – playing, chasing, begging, walking. Just like people, they experience joint degeneration, muscle pain, stress, and general body breakdown. In Stretch Your Dog Healthy holistic health specialist Raquel Wynn offers dog owners the latest information on stretching, massage, acupressure, and other techniques to improve and maintain their dogs’ good health, enhance calm energy, and strengthen the pet owner bond. The natural treatments in this book suggest preventive care and offer an alternative to expensive prescriptions for day-to-day ailments, including such chronic problems as hip dysplasia. The stretching routines that form the centerpiece of the book are clearly explained and accompanied by photos of dogs and owners demonstrating the poses. Raquel Wynn’s stretching and massage techniques have been shown to drastically improve dogs’ daily well-being in addition to overall health and life expectancy. What better way to treat man’s best friend?


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